Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources

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Welcome to the website dedicated to Linked Pasts 5 Conference, to be held at the University Bordeaux Montaigne from 11 to 13 December 2019.

Linked Pasts is an annual symposium dedicated to facilitating practical and pragmatic developments in Linked Open Data in History, Classics, Geography, and Archaeology. It brings together leading exponents of Linked Data from academia, the Cultural Heritage sector as well as providers of infrastructures and library services to address the obstacles to, and issues raised by, developing a digital ecosystem of projects dedicated to interlinking online resources about the past.

Funded by project PATRIMONIVM, this year’s symposium aims to centre on the questions of sources, understood here both in terms of ancient/‘historical’ sources, and in terms of data (re)source used in digital, LOD-related projects. We would like to focus on how, and why it is important to link back to the sources, as those are where the historical objects we are dealing with originate from. In this perspective, one target identified for this year is the consolidation of data models related to place, people, and historical sources, especially on how to model relationships between instances from these three classes.

This will be addressed through one panel on Places and another on People, each followed by a breakout session. 

The second aim of Linked Pasts 5 is to debate on infrastructures and LOD implementation. This key question will be addressed through a keynote by Gautier Poupeau (Institut national de l’Audiovisuel [INA], France), and a round-table gathering actors from national and supra-national infrastructures: Francesco Beretta (, Stéphane Pouyllau (Huma-Num and DARIAH), Valeria Vitale (Pelagios Network), and Holly Wright (Archaeology Data ServiceAriadne-Plus). We hope this will be the opportunity to share the best practices and present to the conference attendees potential solutions for data storing and publication.


  • Alberto Dalla Rosa
  • Vincent Razanajao

Programme Committee

  • Gabriel Bodard, Institute of Classical Studies, University of London
  • Alberto Dalla Rosa - University Bordeaux Montaigne
  • Karl Grossner, University of Pittsburgh
  • Leif Isaksen, University of Exeter
  • Vincent Razanajao - ERC Patrimonium, University Bordeaux Montaigne
  • Gimena del Rio Riande, Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas y Crítica Textual, CONICET - Univ. of Buenos Aires
  • Valeria Vitale, Institute of Classical Studies, University of London



PATRIMONIVM is a scientific research initiative funded by the European Research Council (ERC-StG 716375) for the period 2017-2022. It aims at conducting the first comprehensive and multidisciplinary study of the political, social and economic role of the properties of the Roman emperors from Octavian/Augustus to Diocletian (44 BC – AD 284) using a complete documentary base for the entire Roman world.

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Le Testu, Cosmographie universelle, selon les navigateurs tant anciens que modernes, Guillaume Le Testu, pillotte en la mer du Ponent, de la ville francoyse de Grâce, 1555, MSS. BnF (see in Gallica).

Linked Pasts 5: back to the (re)sources!
11-13 December 2019

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